Organize & Optimize - Organize Your Life and Optimize Your Time
"Tricia is a superb organizer who has the unique ability
to place herself in the mindset of the customer and work independently to deliver the desired results."
                                               A. H.,  McLean, Virginia
"I have never hired anyone as a result of direct mail marketing, but I liked what I read about Organize & Optimize and called.  Tricia came to my home for a consultation and after she left I felt confident she could help me get my life in order.  Tricia is everything I could ask for and more. She’s efficient, professional, trustworthy and a delight to work with.  Tricia has an upbeat, can-do attitude and makes great suggestions on how to become more organized.  With Tricia’s help I have cleared out much the clutter in my home and have a greater sense
of calm.”                          W. A. C.,  McLean,  Virginia
“I don't know where to begin to thank you for everything
you have done for us.  You came into our lives when it
seemed like life was a heavy load.  We are forever
grateful for you and all you have done for us.”
                                             O. A.,  McLean, Virginia
"Last January, I was in dire need of a personal assistant
and praise God, I found Tricia.  She has been my right
hand since the very beginning and I would be lost
without her! Tricia is invaluable because she performs
so many different tasks – managing written correspond-
ence; setting up a filing system; home organization;
and performing errand services. Tricia is extremely
personable and professional.  She is prompt, reliable,
and trustworthy - I recommend Tricia highly."
                                             P. S.,   McLean, Virginia 
"Due to extended business travel, we needed someone who could look after our home, cars, and mail for what began as a six-month venture.   All of the references we received for Tricia were glowing and we were not disappointed.  Our business and personal travel has stretched far beyond that original six-month period and
we have extended our contract with Tricia, as we are extremely pleased with the service she has provided." 
                                 I.S. and K.A., McLean, Virginia
"My job requires extensive travel - so I am never home
to do the hundred things that need immediate attention. Tricia has jumped right in and expertly taken care of a wide range of tasks - including managing construction work, shipping cars, and handling international correspondence. Always perfect results. Never a problem."
                                          A. P.,  McLean,  Virginia

"When I saw Tricia's brochure, I felt I needed to call her right away.  I just had too much "stuff" and not enough space in my storage area and laundry room/pantry.  Tricia listened carefully to what I wanted and provided valuable suggestions such as reorganizing the garage to gain space there.  She was able to help me de-clutter and organize these areas of my home so that I can store more and do so in a more efficient way.  Tricia has great ideas; knows exactly which storage types you need; and she has all the tools to get the jog done during her appointment at the house.  I was amazed at how much we accomplished in so little time."                       C. G. Arlington,  Virginia

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